Monday, July 19, 2010

Desperate Democrats Continue BP, Lockerbie Connection Assertion

With the Democrats about to get hammered in November elections, the creation of the BP, Lockerbie boogeyman reveals the lengths they'll go to keep power, even if it accuses one of their top allies as being involved with "blood money" from Libya.

The blood money comment was made by Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer, who should probably be forced to step down once the reality sets in that there is no connection.

All reports point to their being no connection so far, and unless every person being questioned is lying, that's where it'll end up.

Another element involved here, is it has been known for a long time that BP had made overtures toward the British government to press things forward concerning Libya, and to try to make it look like that was just discovered is an outright fabrication.

What is new is the attempt make it look like BP had a role in pressuring the release of the so-called Lockerbie bomber in return for business deals. So far that has been completely refuted by everyone involved. The involvement of BP was in unrelated issues.

What is this all about then? Gerald Warner, writing for the Telegraph, rightly noted this:
"Four Democrat senators are demanding an investigation into whether BP played any role in the release of Megrahi. If the slightest evidence to that effect surfaces, BP is toast. The Obama administration will take it out. That would make Obama look strong again, it would provide a useful distraction from his other failures...."

That's what it's all about: Politics. Obama is possibly the most ineffective and arrogant president in the history of the United States, and he's basically a lame duck less than two years into his presidency. To take the attention off of himself and place it on BP, Britain, and the emotional Lockerbie situation would be a coup if any shred of dubious evidence is put forth; something that surrounded the original case as it was.

This also reveals the poor character of the Democrats, who in grasping at straws are willing to cause deep and long-term harm with an ally in order to keep their positions for another term.

The anemic Obama, and Democrats, are trying to find anything to make them look strong, and this is one of the last things they can do before mid-term elections.

I think this will backfire as the American people get an even deeper glimpse into the depth they'll go to retain power.


Mo'Nilla said...

"Soon after his release last year, BP acknowledged that it urged the British government to sign a prisoner transfer agreement with Libya, but stressed it did not specify al-Megrahi's case."
If you truly think there's NO connection, you're a fool...

Anonymous said...

Thousands of IRA bombing victims in the UK are also being betrayed by corrupt BP lobbyists' oily deal with Kaddafi.
IRA victims killed with Libyan semtex to get £2bn in compensation from Colonel Gaddafi
Kaddafi openly admitted responsibility and liability for mass murdering UK victims… and crooked UK politicians slurp up his blood money for BP oil deals like good little dhimmis.

Imagine if Obama released Khalid Sheik Mohammed for “humanitarian” reasons (afterall he’ll surely die otherwise) in open exchange for oil deals with the bin Laden family. That’s what we’re essentially witnessing with this sordid al-Megrahi affaire between BP lobbyists and the Kaddafi clan.