Monday, July 19, 2010

Chevron (NYSE:CVX) Sent Bill from Salt Lake County for Utah Oil Spill

Chevron (NYSE:CVC) received the first of what will be more bills, as they were billed $53,49.31 by Salt Lake County to cover work related to cleaning up the small oil spill.

This covers all the work, said the county in a statement, from between the oil spill and June 24. County emergency services coordinator, Jeff Graviet, said there will probably be more expenses to pay for in connection to the incident.

Much of that will come from the ongoing monitoring of air quality by the health department and cleaning up of birds.

For the city, Salt Lake City has already sent a bill for close to $125,000 for up to June 12.

Fines for the oil spill will be determined later said regulators.

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Looks like there are some zero's missing from the figure or the decimal point is in the wrong place.