Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oil, Unemployment and Economic Recovery

Excuses being prepared for why an economic recovery was reported as being real

Everywhere I read, I continually hear what sounds like excuses for why the so-called recovery won't be continuing on. Now I have no doubt there is no economic recovery, and the most recent excuse for that, from the mainstream media perspective, is the increasing price of oil.

Before we get into that, think for a moment if you're a consistent reader of economic news, on how many times over the last several months you've heard the term "unexpected" used when referring to economic data.

The latest "unexpected" referred to the number of new unemployment claims which were of course, "unexpected.

Why is it this way? That's easy. Reporters for mainstream media, and some of the sycophants of the Obama administration simply can't think in terms of there being no recovery after the trillions being spent to make sure there is one.

That would mean the government has failed, and they should have listened to those who told them and other that we should allow the market to take care of the problem and to leave their hands off of it.

Now for oil, it is rising in anticipation of what the industry is hoping is a robust summer vacation time for travelers, but I'm highly suspicious of that being what emerges. I think people will stay closer to home and continue to do more local and inexpensive activities.

So the assumption that oil will continue to rise in price can't be a certainty because of the continuing weak economy around the world, and especially in America.

what is happening, in my estimation, is mainstream media around the world are preparing to explain their failure in identifying the outrageous spending by governments and central banks and how it has been a disaster which future generations will have to pay for with almost no results. Of course they did identify it, but it'll be spun as something they didn't see, and are raising a bunch of bogeyman like oil and other "unexpected" events which brought their faulty conclusions into the light.

Of course the Keynesian economists are already preparing the same strategy, as they're made to look like the complete idiots they are, as they as a group supported the outrageous government spending which Keynesian economics is founded upon, and of course will be exposed as the complete failure it has always been; it just takes years for it to be exposed as debt is piled on, taxes are raised and money printed which can no longer cover up the hoax that it is.

Now other commodities are also being added to the mix as to why there may be economic problems ahead of us, but that misses the point. A number of economists and others have pointed out that printing money will result in inflation. Now that inflation is coming, the analysis is higher prices could keep the economic recovery from happening.

Another factor is demand, which always pushes prices higher if the demand is strong and supply weak, and that has been predictable for a long time.

All of this is saying the hoopla and stupidity of mainstream media in promoting the lie that we're in a recovery when in fact we haven't even began a recovery, has them scrambling to explain why that isn't so after reporting so faithfully on behalf of the Obama administration.

In other words: damage control. All the excessive government spending was for one reason, and that was an attempt to buy time in hopes there would be a legitimate recovery which would cover up the outrageous behavior of politicians, who for populist reasons allowed the outrage to continue, with little chance of it having a chance to succeed, although the politicians didn't know that, but there advisers and those in economic positions as well.

Now the mainstream media is positioning themselves in an attempt to keep from looking like complete buffoons in the matter, but it is far too late for that, as they committed to quickly, too long and too deeply to what was coming out of the White House concerning the alleged recovery, and now they'll have to again pay the price for becoming increasingly irrelevant concerning being legitimate sources of news, and more the parrots they've sadly become.

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