Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Microbes Did Eat BP (NYSE:BP) Oil Says Latest Study

Even though it had already been proven, "government scientists" have now concluded a study confirming the microbes in the Gulf of Mexico have been eating the oil without having the detrimental effect of depleting the oxygen levels in the water.

The concern there is if that was happening, with could create what are called "dead zones," where fish would perish because of lack of oxygen.

This wouldn't have even have had to been done except some Democrat senators looking for an issue, along with so-called professors, who were environmental extremists, insisted the assertion by a government agency that about 75 percent of the oil had already evaporated, dispersed or was eaten by microbes.

Two extremely unreliable and unprovable studies were thrown out to confuse the issue, saying they had discovered a gigantic oil plume in the Gulf.

For some reason these "researchers" didn't choose to reveal the presence of this giant, invisible plume until about two months later, or after the report they didn't approve of, and which didn't fit the narrative they wanted.

Data for the latest study was conducted by nine private and government research ships across 419 different locations.

The Gulf has the strong ability to cleanse itself. That's not what the environmental extremists want to here.

Corexit, the dispersant used to help break up the oil, seemed to have helped, but the alleged discovery of a new microbe which consumes the oil leaves it unclear at this time which did the most work in helping to remove the oil.

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