Friday, July 9, 2010

Obama Continues Attack on Out-of-Work Gulf Victims of BP (NYSE:BP) Oil Spill

No matter that it'll affect thousands of people in the Gulf region who are out of work, Obama and his administration continue their attack on people as he arrogantly stated he will issue another revised ban on drilling for oil in the Gulf if the appeals court rules against him.

The highly controversial six-month moratorium on deepwater drilling has kept unknown thousands out of work who served the oil industry in the Gulf.

On Thursday a hearing before the appeals court will convene at 4:00 PM EDT in New Orleans.

Even though inspections on oil rigs in the Gulf have concluded there are no problems on them, Obama refuses to allow workers to resume their jobs, giving a nod to his radical environmental friends rather than workers and families suffering in the area.

It is obvious what Obama is attempting to do: extend the process out so long that the equivalent of the six-month moratorium will be carried out even if it is legally rejected.

That shows exactly what Obama thinks of the working men and women of the country.

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