Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Democrats Accused of Hypocrisy in Alleged BP (NYSE:BP) Libya Links

Democrats thought they had found something to divert the attention of Americans from their dismal and pathetic performance since Obama was voted into office, but their attempt to paint BP (NYSE:BP) as a company selling out for 'blood money' could come back in haunt them, as digging into energy business in Libya has found that over 50 American companies are doing business there, while only four British ones are.

Fadel Gheit, a senior analyst at Oppenheimer & Co, said: "Since Libya was opened up to foreign investment in 2005, American companies have had the lion's share of contracts and the biggest representation in the country.
'There are 50 energy companies in the U.S. compared to four in the UK and all have been involved in Libya."

The Daily Mail added, "Experts said pursuing such an agenda while criticising British companies that do the same thing shows America wants to 'have its cake and eat it.' Exxon, the world's largest oil company, has set up a special subsidiary, Exxon Mobil Libya Ltd, to keeping business running smoothly."

The Democrats, Hillary Clinton and Obama are looking inept and clueless as it appears the four Democrats which made the outrageous accusations have no idea of the deep business entanglements American energy companies have with Libya, and that all happened after Gaddafi paid £1.2billion to settle all claims related to the attack.

Does that mean America is even more responsible for receiving 'blood money' as the Democrat senators assert?

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