Monday, July 26, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Ready to Launch Libya Offshore Drilling

In deal three years in the making, BP (NYSE:BP) is poised to launch its drilling program into Libyan offshore waters, in a well that will be deeper than the Macondo field well, which has been leaking oil into the Gulf of Mexico until a second containment cap stopped the spill from continuing to enter the waters.

The Libya deepwater drilling will be in the Gulf of Sirte, and is set to start in the next several weeks.

BP spokesman David Nicholas said to AFP news on Saturday: "We expect to begin the first well in the next few weeks," also saying it "can take six months or more to drill."

Concerning the outrageous accusations by Democrats in America that BP and/or the British government had released the Lockerbie bomber in order to secure the oil contracts, UK Foreign Secretary William Hague said this, "There is no evidence that corroborates in any way the allegation of BP's involvement in the Scottish Executive's entirely separate decision to release him on compassionate grounds."

According to Scottish Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, all the material related to the incident is in the public domain, and nothing is left to be relieved, other than the communication between the governments of the US and the UK over the matter. That can only be released if given permission from the United States.

Every politician asked in Britain has said there is no connection between BP and the Lockerbie bomber release, and the accusation and showcase hearings meant to distract the American people away from the horrid performance of the Democrats is ridiculous and needs to be stopped.

It underscores the desperate plight of the Democrats who have rejected the will of the American people and forced through unwanted legislation, along with uncontrolled spending, which generations of Americans will have to pay back.

To risk solid relations with the UK in order to protect themselves, well, from themselves, is the ultimate in reckless behavior.

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Anonymous said...

Why does nobody mention the fact that the drilling rig BP will be using is currently working for Exxon, guess where - offshore Libya. Why is there no fuss about Exxon drilling in Libya.
Conoco, Hess, Marathon and Exxon are all working in Libya.