Monday, May 17, 2010

What Marc Faber Likes ...

Marc Faber said in a recent interview that there is one particular investment sector he particularly likes, and that is commodities. Within commodities he likes agriculture, which he views as getting very cheap.

Commodity investment guru Jim Rogers has been saying the same thing for at least the last year, with the idea that agriculture prices are depressed, and ultimately they'll start to rebound, as demand isn't going to ever go away, and will only increase.

For the three favorite picks of Faber in the agriculture sector, he likes three of the majors: corn, soybeans and wheat.

The timing is everything of course with all of this, and it's impossible to know when agriculture will finally start to move forward again.

But it's only a matter of when and not if, and then, not only will these major crops start to rise in value, but there will be an additional price rise for fertilizer companies and other firms connected to the sector as all elements related to agriculture benefit.

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Anonymous said...

Jim Rogers has been saying this about agricultural commodities since 2004!