Saturday, March 13, 2010

UBS (NYSE: UBS) Looking at Commodities

UBS Commodity Investing

Even though UBS (NYSE: UBS) largely got out of the commodities business during the economic crisis, and sold some of their holding in that sector at that time, officials at the company confirm they are again poised to enter that market again in the near future; possibly sometime in 2010.

While selling off most of its commodities assets, UBS did hold on to exchange-traded and index funds, and also it precious metals business. Its energy and base metals business it sold to Barclays (LON:BARC), which included oil, gas and power supplied to the U.S.

Some of their rivals ramped up their commodity play in 2009 and were very successful in their respective commodity units, generating good income, and positioned to continue on with that success in 2010 and beyond; making UBS somewhat behind their major rivals in that regard, and so we'll see them make a number of moves to shore up their depleted commodities investment unit soon.

UBS Commodity Investing

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