Thursday, March 4, 2010

Titanium Metals (NYSE:TIE) and Aircraft Revival

Titanium Metals Providing for Aircraft Materials

There are some interesting changes going on subtly in the markets, including the renewal of interest in uranium, as demand is expected to skyrocket beyond supply as nuclear reactors are back in vogue again. Another interesting sector is the aircraft industry, which has a huge backlog of planes from around the world, with one of the favorite metals used to build them being titanium, with Titanium Metals (NYSE:TIE) positioned strongly to benefit from this demand.

The question is if they can continue on with winning contract with aircraft manufacturers like Boeing, who they recently signed an extension with thorugh 2015.

With demand set to soar for aircraft again, Titanium metals should be on of the main benefactors of the aircraft revival.

Titanium Metals Providing for Aircraft Materials

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