Thursday, March 4, 2010

Terra Industries (NYSE:TRA) Deal Underscores Global Focus

Terra Industries

It's impossible to know at this time where the battle for Terra Industries (NYSE:TRA) will land, but the one thing underscoring this deal and its competitors like CF Industries (NYSE:CF) and Agrium (NYSE:AGU), is there is a consolidation movement underfoot to expand into global companies in the fertilizer industry, and it's doubtful anything will be able to stand in the way of that happening.

Whether Yara International gets Terra Industries or another company won't matter outside of the individual company itself, as whatever name these companies go under in the future, they won't be staying the same in the soon future.

For example, while CF Industries is battling Yaro International for Terra Industries, CF Industries is trying to be taken over by its rival Agrium, showing where this will end is anyone's guess. One thing we can probably all be sure of: some of these companies will be part of one another in a relatively short time.

Terra Industries

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