Friday, March 12, 2010

Scana (NYSE:SCG) and Mandated Environmental Improvements

Scana Electric Rate Increases

The need for Scana (NYSE:SCG) to increase its electricity rates by a huge 9.5 percent underscores the outrageous environmental requirements mandated by law which the consumer always has to pay for.

Hearings are set in this case with a subsidiary of Scana, South Carolina Electric and Gas Co. (SCE&G), which serves the South Carolina market

Politicians always try to hide behind their radical environmental agendas at times like these, transferring the pressure to the providers of energy who are perceived as the culprits in the situation when rates are raised, when if fact it's politicians with their agendas who are harming the average person on the street who has to pay for their endless regulations and folly.

Scana Electric Rate Increases

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