Friday, March 12, 2010

Cameco (TSE:CCO) Strongly Positioned for Nuclear Revival

Cameco Ready for Nuclear Revival

There is no doubt we're entering into an amazing time of nuclear revival for generating electricity, and one company positioned to take advantage of that is Cameco Corp (TSE:CCO).

Less than honest evaluations of the nuclear industry and safety has held back the much-needed source of electricity, but that has changed as France has shown that uranium, the chief fuel for nuclear plants can be safely recycled, and eliminates one major concern for the sector.

Another fuel that will probably gain acceptance going forward is thorium, which gives a more efficient burn than uranium and lowers the need for recycling.

For Cameco, they recently mentioned their uranium mine at Cigar Lake should produce up to 18 million pounds of fuel a year when it reaches full production.

Cameco Ready for Nuclear Revival

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