Monday, February 22, 2010

Jim Rogers: Britain Bankrupt

Jim Rogers on what to invest in

In a recent interview, commodity investor Jim Rogers stated that Britain is bankrupt, and there's not a bank in the country that's not in trouble.

Other than oil and banking, the UK hasn't had much going for it, and oil is depleting while the UK banking industry is in shambles he said.

Jim Rogers reiterated that investing in real assets is the way to go over the next 30 years, and those that produce "real things," will dominate the business landscape.

Rogers recommends, as mentioned, real assets, raw materials, commodities, and to stay away from the U.S. dollar and sterling for sure. The currency Rogers says he's investing in now is the yen.

He also said he is buying China shares again, signifying he things they are near a bottom.

Jim Rogers on what to invest in

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