Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jim Rogers | Inflation Already Here

Jim Rogers and Inflation

Inflation is a surety says Jim Rogers, and in fact we're already experiencing inflation, even though some governments are lying about it.

Rogers cites a couple of issues confirming inflation is already here and will continue on for some time. First, he points us in the direction of shortage around the world in almost everything. Consequently, in that environment prices will continue to rise.

Second, countries haven't stopped printing money, and printing money always brings with it the consequences of inflation.

Not only are those things happening now, but they'll continue to happen in the future.

Again, this is why commodities will be such a good place to be, although we do need to keep track of which individual commodities are at their top prices, and which ones are suppressed.

AS of this writing, commodities like silver and agriculture are at good prices, and so are something to watch carefully.

Jim Rogers and Inflation


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