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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Credit Suisse (NYSE:CS) Covering 8 More Oil and Gas Stocks

Credit Suisse (NYSE:CS) has initiated coverage on eight more oil and gas stocks, including Penn Virginia (NYSE:PVA), Berry Petroleum (NYSE:BRY), Comstock Resources (NYSE:CRK), Swift Energy Company (NYSE:SFY), Rosetta Resources (Nasdaq:ROSE), Petroleum Development (Nasdaq:PETD), GMX Resources (Nasdaq:GMXR) and Rex Energy (Nasdaq:REXX).

The giants bank started these five off at "Outperform" ratings: Penn Virginia, Berry Petroleum, Comstock Resources, Swift Energy Company and Rosetta Resources.

Identified as neutral were Petroleum Development, GMX Resources and Rex Energy.

The price target from highest to lowest was Comstock Resources, with a price target of $43, and standing at $22.15 as of 3:13 PM EDT today. The price target for Berry Petroleum is $40, standing today at $30.24, as of 3:11 PM EDT.

Moving to price targets between $30 and $39 a share, we start with Swift Energy Company, with a target of $39 share, and at 29.82 as of 3:17 PM EDT. Next is Penn Virginia, which is expected to reach $33 a share, and is at $22.16 at 3:15 PM EDT. Finally comes Rosetta Resources, which Credit Suisse expects to reach $31, and is at $22.71 at 3:17 PM EDT.

At a price target of $29 a share is Petroleum Development, which stands at 26.19 at 3:20 PM EDT.

Rex Energy as a target of $13 attached to it, which today is at $10.72 a share at 3:21 PM EDT.

Last with an $8 a share price target is GMX Resources, which isn't that far from there, now at 7.12 at 3:22 PM EDT.