Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Russian Commodity, Economic Data and News


Russians having 13 children per 1,000 people

Population shrinking since Soviet breakup - from 148 million then to 144 million today (146 million including Crimea)

Estimated for population to shrink by 14 percent over next 35 years - economic growth at risk

On pace to have largest population implosion in world history.

World Bank say Russian economic growth will decline by 1.3 percent annually over next 25 years because of declining workers.

World Bank: the number of working-age Russians will fall by more than seven million in the 2020s

Oil and Natural Gas

About 50 percent of Russian exports in terms of value are oil and natural gas.

Russia has third largest oil reserves in the world.

It is first in world for natural gas reserves.

Gazprom Pao is the leading natural gas supplier, with a mix of 85 percent natural gas and 10 percent oil

Next is Gazprom Neft, with a mix of 22 percent natural gas and 79 percent oil. It is a subsidiary of Gazprom Pao.

Lukoil has a mix of 13 percent natural gas and 85 percent oil.

Russia sends 70 percent of its oil to Europe

Russian opening door to foreign investment in natural resource companies.

 Oil and natural gas sales generated 68% of Russia’s total export revenues in 2013

 Russian natural gas exports to Europe to increase

BP (BP) counts Russian oil reserves at 102.4 billion barrels of crude oil and 32.3 trillion cubic meters of natural gas — the second largest conventional reserves in the world — the bulk of it in hard terrain that is far away from its export markets.

Other Commodities

Uralkali is largest potash producer in the world

Russia domestically controls 30 percent of global platinum and palladium output.

Looking to boost global market share in platinum and palladium in Zimbabwe deal.


Russia imposing food embargo against Ukraine starting in 2016.

Ukraine stops importing Russian electricity.

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia emerging competitor with Russia for European market.


Russia gaining ground in supplying China with oil.

Russia looking to China to explore Arctic together.

Uralkali’s shipments of potash to China totaled about 2.3 million tons in 2014

General Data

Oil and natural gas sales generated 68% of Russia’s total export revenues in 2013

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