Thursday, February 21, 2013

Time to Get into Silver Wheaton (SLW)?

The manipulative actions of the Federal Reserve through the release of the minutes of the last meeting, where some strategically placed comments about the possibility of pulling back on the latest QE round whether or not they reach the asserted goal in relationship to unemployment, caused a ruckus in the markets yesterday, with almost all asset classes falling.

That has provided some terrific buying opportunities today, and as far as commodities go, Silver Wheaton (SLW) is one that should be taken a close look at. It jumped quick at the opening, but has pulled back pretty quickly.

With the economic outlook being fairly decent, and silver demand sure to continue on, these are pretty good levels to enter into Silver Wheaton, after it took a pounding yesterday, dropping $2.43, or 7.02 percent.

I've been in and out of Silver Wheaton for some time, and it's hard to pinpoint when the absolute best time to enter is, but that's true of all equities. I think the mid-$32 range is a pretty good bet for both short and long term investors, who should be rewarded at this price.

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