Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Eric Sprott on Why Silver will Outperform Gold

In this video money manager Eric Sprott talks about the reason he believes the price of gold and silver is being suppressed, showing how the supply and demand data don't line up with the current prices of both precious metals.

"Physical demand for gold is out of line with supply. How can all these new people come into this market when there has been no increase in supply . . . for the last 12 years? I would hate to think what happens when we all find out there is no gold in the Treasury."

In other words, central banks around the world appear to be selling gold specifically in order to make up for the shortfalls so the price does't soar.

He also notes that China's gold imports have soared, while the official data show only a four percent increase in the country.

Sprott also tells the reasons he sees silver outperforming gold going forward.

Go here for  video interview with Greg Hunter

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