Monday, September 17, 2012

Shell's (RDS-A) Alaska Drilling Plans Put on Hold

Plans to drill for oil of the coast of Alaska had to be put on hold by Royal Dutch Shell Plc (RDS-A) after a containment dome built to limit any oil spill was broken.

According to the company, the time it'll take to finish repairing the dome will result in Shell not being able to drill in the region this year.

Shell said this in a statement:

"We are disappointed that the dome has not yet met our stringent acceptance standards, but as we have said all along, we will not conduct any operation until we are satisfied that we are fully prepared to do it safely."

In place of drilling for oil this year, Shell said it will instead drill what are called "top holes," which will prepare for deeper drilling next season.

Shell is drilling in the Burger A prospect in the Chukchi Sea, and has spent approximately $4.5 billion in preparation for the process. The company will also begin to explore the Beaufort Sea region.

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