Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gas Fracking Study from University of Texas Under Review

Saying "We believe that the research meets our standards, but it is important to let an outside group of experts take an independent look," University of Texas at Austin provost and executive vice president, Steven Leslie, said a group of independent experts will review a study which concluded there is no evidence hydraulic fracturing causes groundwater contamination.

The study was released, appropriately enough, under this title: "New Study Shows No Evidence of Groundwater Contamination from Hydraulic Fracturing."

Why the review is being conducted is because Dr.Charles Groat, who is associate director of the Energy Institute - which released the report - didn't disclose he sat on the board of Plains Exploration & Production Co. (PXP) since 2007.

According to university spokesman Gary Rasp, none of the $270,000 cost of the report came from sources in the energy industry.

Fracking is a process where treated water and sand is pushed underground to break up the rock holding gas in order to release the gas within them.

The report from University of Texas at Austin said there is no evidence that the fluids used in the procedure are contaminating the underground water.

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