Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Teck (TCK) (MUR) (WLL) (PTR) (RIG) (WLT) Closed Down

Teck Resources Limited (NYSE:TCK), Murphy Oil Corp (NYSE:MUR), Whiting Petroleum Co. (NYSE:WLL), Petrochina (NYSE:PTR), Transocean (NYSE:RIG) and Walter Energy (NYSE:WLT) closed down Monday as commodities came under pressure.

Murphy Oil Corp. (MUR) closed Monday at $50.90, falling $1.31, or 2.51 percent.

Whiting Petroleum Co. (WLL) ended the day at $44.12, dropping $2.15, or 4.65 percent.

Petrochina (PTR) closed at $122.41, declining $3.09, or 2.46 percent.

Transocean (RIG) closed at $58.30, falling $0.87, or 1.47 percent.

Teck Resources Limited (TCK) closed Monday at $38.11, down $1.88, or 4.70 percent.

Walter Energy (NYSE:WLT) closed at $79.60, dropping $2.59, or 3.15 percent.

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