Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Exxon (XOM) Spill Estimated at Up to 1,000 Barrels

Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM) has stopped the oil spill in the Yellowstone River, with estimates the amount of oil escaping into the river was at worst, about 1,000 barrels.

Company spokesman Alan Jeffers said, "It's unlikely there's any oil in the water at this point." Adding, "That doesn't mean we know where it all is." According to Jeffers there were 125 workers on the ground on Monday. He concluded it's not likely the river will suffer further impact from the spill.

Exxon officials, along with the government, speculate the cause of the spill was debris from the river bottom damaging the pipeline as it became exposed because of high waters. That has yet to be confirmed.

Exxon said on Monday they've only found one incident of wildlife damage that has been reported. That hasn't kept the media from running a picture of one turtle and some pelicans with alleged oil on them.

Representatives from International Bird Rescue were coming to the area in order to assist in case "any wildlife rescues that might arise." That can't be taken seriously with the little damage in that regard, and can only be considered a media opportunity to raise money.

These so-called rescuers need to go the the "green" industry in order to save birds, which are destroyed by the hundreds of thousands every year in America by wind turbines.

A few pictures of the mangled bodies of bats and birds will change the perception of the wind industry, rather than the few pictures of animals and birds that occasionally get harmed from oil spills.

As for the spill in the Yellowstone River, the length of the spill is all over the map, as it has been said to spread from 10 miles to up to 100 miles across the river.

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