Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Monsanto (NYSE:MON) Enters Agreement with FMC Corporation

One of two agreements made by Monsanto (NYSE:MON), they entered into a deal with FMC Corporation to expand their Roundup Ready PLUS weed management platform for use with select products from FMC.

Herbicides from FMC included in the deal are Authority Assist, Authority First DF, Authority MTZ DF and Authority XL, which are preemergence residual herbicides used for soybeans.

According to a press release, Monsanto will license its Roundup Ready PLUS weed management trademarks for use with these specific FMC herbicides.

Mike Frank, vice president of Monsanto's crop protection business, said, "This new agreement provides growers a choice of products within the FMC soybean pre-mix residual brand line-up for effective and economical weed control in Roundup Ready soybean systems.”

Monsanto also made a similar deal with Sumitomo Chemical and their subsidiary Valent.

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