Friday, November 12, 2010

China Says Fed's Inflating Poses Major Risk to Economic Recovery

The move by the Federal Reserve has many countries fuming, including Germany and china, who are outraged over the consequences that could emerge from the misguided move.

China went so far as to say it could undermine any economic recovery that may come in the future, and the U.S. "should not force others to take medicine for its own disease."

Zhang Tao, director of the international department of People's Bank of China, said, "For emerging countries, capital inflows may lead to significant increase in asset prices and foreign exchange reserves, and many countries are concerned about that.

"Doubtlessly, disordered international capital inflows will make emerging countries very vulnerable. As emerging countries are important for the global economic recovery, that will greatly increase the downward risks in the world economy."

Concerning the revaluation of the renminbi or yuan, Chinese President Hu Jinatao reiterated China's policy of gradually reforming the currency over time.

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