Thursday, October 28, 2010

No BP (NYSE:BP) Oil in Gulf Seafood

Officials from Gulf states continue to hammer home truth about the effects of oil from the BP (NYSE:BP) spill, and that is that every test done on seafood from the Guld has revealed there's absolutely no oil tainting the test subjects.

Those with agendas are attempting to cloud and confuse the matter by contending they continue to find oil strewn around the Gulf of Mexico, implying the food chain has to be infected and tainted by oil. But when officials go to the alleged areas with huge swaths of oil, they find no proof that there was any in the area.

This is of course attributed to weather patterns and other fictitious assertions in order to keep the lies alive.

The agenda is fisherman and others allegedly harmed by the oil spill are seeking to be compensated for damages, and the more they can prove they were damaged the more money they'll be paid.

No matter. There is absolutely no proof any Gulf seafood is contaminated or tainted, and it can be eaten with full confidence.

BP has committed $20 million to continue comprehensive testing and marketing to get the word out on the safe food that can be consumed from the Gulf.


Anonymous said...

BP approves an attack strategy on Exxon, Shell and Chevron and plans to use the BPCares websites to promote its online PR campaign.
This decision was unanimously agreed upon in conjunction with the BPAMA at their recently concluded meeting. The BPAMA marketers were concerned about BP’s long term commitment to the partnership. BP pointed out to the BPAMA members that they will not be abandoned; rather… they will receive the full support from BP’s marketing machine to crush the competitors like Exxon, Shell and Chevron.
BP will use its bevy of various BPCares websites (said one of the Marketing Managers) to target specific markets in the US and around the world; “We will punish Exxon, Shell and Chevron… its War and its personal”. The domains that BP will use are as follows:
BP will collaborate with the BPAMA with regards to the execution of specific websites. The websites will be up soon and some of the websites will target the Southern States that suffered heavily from the oil spill.

Anonymous said...

wow. You sir, are an idiot.

Have you read the NOAA and FDA reports?

I bet not.

In any case, you should.

Watch if you dare.

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