Friday, October 29, 2010

Monsanto (NYSE:MON) on Finding Opportunities in Commoditized Markets

At "Fruit Attraction 2010," Monsanto (NYSE:MON) encouraged participants to think of ways of "finding opportunities in commoditized markets," the basis of the success of Monsanto throughout its existence.

Along with the benefit on the business side of differentiating themselves, Monsanto added they need to do this in light of creating value for the consumer.

Florent Rezeau of Monsanto’s Consumer Benefits team said: “In order to know the value we can bring to all involved in the produce chain, we need to understand our industry partners and their customers’ needs and challenges. We can only do that by teaming up and sharing our knowledge.”

Maren Schoormans of Monsanto’s Consumer Benefits team added: “Monsanto has hosted various consumer panels in the EU to help understand consumers’ perception of the taste and quality of our existing products and product innovations. Together with our industry partners, we can use this information to identify areas for improvement which can help contribute to success across the chain. It will also help us define marketing strategies for new, improved products, like our Ventero tomato and Cyro line melon varieties.”

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