Friday, October 22, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Oil Spill Didn't Harm Coral Reefs

The more testing and research being done after the BP (NYSE:BP) oil spill, the hyped reports from media outlets concerning the alleged damage are being found to be false.

Not only is wildlife from the area found to have had little effect from the oil spill, but the latest news is testing of the coral reefs has also been found to have little damage as well.

This affirms the early reports that the Gulf of Mexico is somewhat of a healing machine, and can take a lot of damage and still restore itself. This is probably from the thousands of years of oil naturally seeping into the Gulf from numerous areas, which releases as much annually as the entirety of the oil from the Gulf accident.

After investigating many coral reefs, so far little if any damage has been found to have occurred.

This flies in the face of alleged reports from over-stimulated scientists that assert there is oil all over the Gulf of Mexico and on the bottom.

There may be some on the bottom, but that can easily be from the millions of gallons released naturally into the Gulf, as mentioned above. No proof that the oil on the bottom is from the BP oil spill has been offered yet.

Why this is important is non-scientific scientists and radical environmentalist and their media allies created a narrative that isn't close to being true. And they're enraged that the opportunity to advance their agendas is being crushed from the evidence that the Gulf of Mexico is a great self healer.

Drill baby, drill!

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