Monday, October 25, 2010

Are BP (NYSE:BP) Oil Report Sightings Legitimate?

With obvious agendas, a number of "unnamed" boat captains are reporting huge stretches of oil in the Gulf of Mexico, which just happen to disappear every time authorities check them out.

This could happen if there were only a few isolated instances, but when you have reports come out that the oil is continuing to rapidly disappear from the Gulf, and just about every time a few days later unofficial reports of massive stretches of oil, it sounds too much like a Hollywood movie and alleged events that are probably orchestrated stories.

There have so many exhaustive tests taken by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, that either you have to call them liars and deceivers, or somebody else is lying. You can't have it both ways.

Some attempt to justify the alleged oil sightings by saying they think certain weather changes are causing oil to be released from the bottom of the ocean and coming to the top.

But when you have these consistently checked out and nothing is there, the other excuse is the weather caused the oil to disappear; a convenient story to say the least.

That means every time an assertion of finding oil is made all that needs to be said when it's no longer there is the weather is the factor. Ridiculous to be sure.

Fisherman have partly behind the alleged sightings, and their agenda is to garner as much insurance money as they can, even though test after test of seafood has shown absolutely no tainted fish or seafood from oil or dispersants that could harm humans.

Environmentalists and universities are looking for grant money for their beleaguered departments which have been hammered by loss of funding during the recession.

So to allege an ongoing but unconfirmed huge amount of oil floating around the Gulf of Mexico is increasingly looking like an endless number of hoaxes.

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tjholland said...

I'll call congress, BP and NOAH liars and deceivers, its what they have done best since the spill started.............if the shoe fits, wear it