Friday, October 29, 2010

Alcoa (NYSE:AA) Making Wheels for Extraordinary Ferrari 458 Italia

Alcoa (NYSE:AA) has landed the contract to produce the wheels for the Ferrari 458 Italia via their Alcoa Auto Wheels unit in Cleveland, Ohio.

The Ohio plant employs 2,800 workers and develops products for defense, automotive, and commercial vehicles.

As usual with aluminum products, the new wheels will have a lower weight, while having a diameter of 20 inches. The 20 inch diameter is required in order for the larger carbon-ceramic brake discs accompanying the design.

The front wheels will weigh in at only 22.8 pounds and the rear wheels at 25.3 pounds, helping to reduce how much the car weighs, hopefully without sacrificing safety.

Victor Marquez, Vice President and General Manager, Alcoa Auto Wheels, said, “The weight saving possible with Alcoa’s forged aluminum wheels helps to achieve the sharp handling and steering response for which Ferrari is famous.

“As well as styling freedom, Alcoa’s forged wheels offer a quick-to-market, cost-effective weight reduction.”

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