Wednesday, September 15, 2010

PG&E (NYSE:PCG) Shows Only One Recent Call Complaining of Gas Smell

Leading up to the natural gas line explosion in San Bruno, Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (NYSE:PCG) records revealed that only one call had come into the company complaining of a gas smell, and that was three weeks ago.

Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board had been going over the emails received by PG&E, and were only able to find the one, which was responded to.

A large section of the pipe was take to Washington DC by investigators to find out exactly caused the accident, and whether it was gradual or something that happened suddenly.

NTSB Vice Chairman Christopher Hart said about investigating gas control stations in the region, "We want to get excruciating detail about how the system works, about how well the people are trained who work it, about their background and experience -- all aspects of what happened that day. So we will be doing an extensive, exhaustive look at the details regarding that station."

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