Friday, September 10, 2010

Pacific Gas (NYSE:PCG) Gas Line Explosion Destroys San Bruno Neighborhood

One of Pacific Gas and Electric Company's (NYSE:PCG) gas lines exploded in a San Bruno neighborhood, devastating and destroying up to 35 homes, and sending one person to the hospital in critical condition, and others to area hospitals in serious condition or with minor wounds.

News reports claimed it was a gas line of Pacific Gas and Electric, but earlier in the night a spokesman for PG&E denied it.

The number of homes or structures destroyed have yet to be confirmed, as firefighters are still battling the massive fire resulting from the explosion, and having more difficulty because of winds in the area.

Not too long after the initial explosion it was reported that a plane had went down, but the FAA has ruled that out. That probably came from the similar sounds of a natural gas explosion and a jet engine.

The Sheriff's Department is evacuating residents from within a 3/4 mile radius of the blast zone.

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