Monday, September 20, 2010

Euro Versus Dollar EUR/USD or Both Versus Gold?

Talk of the performance of the euro versus the dollar EUR/USD increasingly seems irrelevant in light of the misguided practices of governments and central banks around the world, who are addicted to attempting to stimulate their economies through printing money and creating more debt.

In that sense, gold is increasingly being thought of as a currency by those who didn't consider that in the past, and in that regard is considered the strongest in the world by far at this time, probably the major reason it continues to rise.

Currencies around the world are continuing to be debased because of these monetary practices.

So when comparing the U.S. dollar with the euro, it's increasingly becoming irrelevant, as are most currency comparisons. It's more relevant to compare all the currencies with gold. That's more telling and important at this time than the other.

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