Friday, September 17, 2010

EPA Wants BP (NYSE:BP) Report on Steps it Took in Texas City

In relationship to the release of chemicals by BP (NYSE:BP) at their plant in Texas City, the Environmental Protection Agency they are in the middle of investigating the situation.

The EPA released a written statement saying they have requested BP to give them information on the steps they took in response to an incident that "resulted in the flaring of chemicals that could have reasonably resulted in a catastrophic release of a hazardous air pollutant."

Approximately 500,000 pounds of a variety of chemicals were released from the plant, with about 17,000 pounds of that being benzene, of which a lawsuit has been filed by those alleging they may have been affected by it.

EPA Regional Administrator Al Armendariz said, "It is important the EPA, state officials and public know what happened at the plant, and that BP is held accountable to prevent incidents like these from happening in the future."

BP has 30 days to provide the information the EPA requested.

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