Monday, September 13, 2010

Death Toll in PG&E (NYSE:PCG) Gas Explosion Rises to 6

The death toll from the gas explosion of a Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (NYSE:PCG) pipeline has risen to six.

Authorities said the remains were discovered in one of the last houses to be searched. All the house had left to it were a staircase and fireplace, according to Santa Clara Fire Captain Joe Viramontz.

Viramontz said the cadaver dogs found the remains at about 10 a.m. Saturday morning.

Santa Clara County firefighter Bob Wess confirmed it saying, "The dogs really hit on it (the scent) hard today."

Dogs couldn't enter about 25 percent of the burn area until Saturday, as on Friday it was too hot to perform searches in.

The two victims were found in the same home, but San Mateo County Coroners hadn't confirmed the deaths yet.

Among the dead identified are Jacqueline Greig, 44, and her daughter, Janessa Greig, 13, and Jessica Morales, 20. Suspected dead is Elizabeth Torres, 81.

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