Wednesday, September 8, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Spends Millions on Google Advertising: That's a Story?

For some reason illegally obtained documents by Advertising Age from an internal Google (Nasdaq:GOOG) source saying BP (NYSE:BP) spent millions on advertising with Google is supposed to be a story.

It's already been known for a couple of weeks, at least, that BP spent millions in advertising, including with Google. Even then it wasn't a story, and it's even less of a story today.

BP was doing some brand advertising, and with Google companies spend money to get their ads placed in the search engine results pages. Hundreds of thousands of companies do this every day. How is this relevant to anything?

I've had BP ads on a number of my news blogs for weeks. So the pathetic Ad Age, acting as if they're some big news organization that has broken a story because they had someone improperly pass on private company information to them that everyone already knew about in general, makes them look ridiculous and petty.

The only person who'll suffer for this is the unethical individual who wrongly provided the information to the marketing business.

No one cares if BP is advertising or not.

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