Tuesday, September 7, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Replaces Damaged Blowout Preventer with New One

One of the final steps in the process toward permanently plugging the damaged oil well by BP (NYSE:BP) has been achieved, as they have replaced the failed blowout preventer with a new one on Friday, setting the stage for the final stage of the "bottom kill," which will pour cement and mud into the well to complete the job.

The removed blowout preventer was taken on a journey of about one mile to the surface, where it has been taken possession of by government authorities who will eventually have it examined in order to find out the reasons it failed to stop oil from being released into the Gulf of Mexico.

Thad Allen, the government lead on the response, said the process went smoothly, and there was no discernible oil which leaked while the exchange was being performed.

"During the period of time between the removal of the damaged BOP and installation of the replacement BOP, there was no observable release of hydrocarbons from the wellhead," Allen said.

A new blowout preventer was decided to be put in place in order to ensure it can handle the pressure when the bottom kill is being done. Pressure will result from the relief well intersecting the damaged well, and they wanted that covered to be sure there wasn't a new oil spill into the Gulf.

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