Friday, September 3, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Has Latched Onto Damaged Blowout Preventer

The next phase of the permanent sealing of the damaged oil well by BP (NYSE:BP) is to removed the damaged blowout preventer and replace it with a new one.

They reportedly have now grabbed onto it with their vessel, the Q4000, which will then lift it to the surface. The sealing cap had to be removed first, which was the initial task they performed in this final procedure.

After being delayed for some time, and facing the possibility of having to wait till next week, they are now finally able to get the job done as the weather has started to cooperate with them and the waves not as bad as they had been.

A second ship is ready to enter into the next phase of putting the new blowout preventer on, which will better protect the well when the "bottom kill" begins, which entails pumping cement and mud from the bottom.

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