Monday, August 2, 2010

Berkeley in Bed with BP (NYSE:BP), They'll Remain Lovers

It's funny to watch the self-righteous Berkeley attempt to distance themselves from BP (NYSE:BP), at least some of their so-called activists and professors.

Three years ago UC Berkeley received a $500 million grant for its Energy Biosciences Institute, for the purpose of developing new sources of energy from plant-based fuel.

Supposedly students are outraged, along with some professors, who are now worried about their reputation from the obvious influence of BP over the university.

Don't worry Berkeley, your reputation was lost long ago as you've forsaken the mainstream of America for your socialist and radical agenda.

In that sense you're right though. The sellout of the principles allegedly supported by the university for money relieves the hypocrisy and cluelessness of those riding the emotion of the "cause," while having to have corporate money to help them survive. Welcome to the real world.

Officials from Berkeley pragmatically stated the Gulf spill has nothing to do with the institution, and aren't going to end the partnership with BP concerning the research grant.

Interestingly, the socialist nature of Berkeley is behind their whining, as it's really more about certain departments being awarded funding and other not being awarded funding. The typical politics of envy socialists are motivated by.

Critics noted that there is now a "disparity" between social sciences and humanities, while the science and engineering departments get the loot. So they, as the socialists they are, want to loot the loot. The critics are of course those not receiving any corporate money.

So when you hear the faux claims of concerns over the reputation of Berkeley, just read between the lines and realize the envious are the ones promoting this, hoping to get their greedy and envious hands on the money from BP for their dubious departments.

Now I couldn't care less if Berkeley was gone tomorrow. But we see their inability to deal with the real world and the exposure of their socialist practices, as they are forced to receive funding from a capitalist company, which undermines the enormous lie this university has been living for a long time, which is why some are attempting to change that in order to shore up the exposure of that lie to the general population of the United States, and the world.

To give you an idea of how sick Berkeley has become, Miguel Altieri, a UC Berkeley entomology professor, said this, "It creates an apartheid within the university between the haves and have-nots." To think quacks like this are teaching the young people of America and the world.

This has nothing to do with corporate influence, but the outrage of socialists who have infiltrated out universities over having their philosophy openly destroyed on the practical level, as everyone is reminded the anemic ideology is evil and has never worked.

So next time you hear the Berkeley activists make there assertions, be reminded they're dependent on corporate contributions to survive, and all their screaming and yelling and manipulation will never change that.

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