Friday, July 30, 2010

Texas Emissions Violation a BP (NYSE:BP) Payback for Rejecting $25 Million Grant Request?

It was recently discovered that BP (NYSE:BP) had earlier this month rejected a request for a $25 million cleanup grant from the state of Texas to pay for cleaning up the tar balls on the coast.

BP instead said they would pay as they go with it, and not make a lump sum payment.

Here we are just a short time later listening to news that a BP Refinery is being investigated for allegedly releasing contaminants into the air. I wonder if they're $25 million in contaminants?

Allegedly, BP released up 500,000 pounds of pollution into the air from April 6 to May 16, but was referred by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality on July 23. That was just after a heated exchange between Texas and BP over the proposed and rejected cleanup grant.

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