Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rail Traffic Increases for Most Commodity Groups

Rail traffic continues to rise against 2009 numbers, as gains continue in the double-digits, as the movement of commodities continues to generate demand.

The problem of course is 2009 was such a bad year, that measuring against it isn't a great metric for the health of the rail traffic industry, or commodities in general.

A better measurement is 2008, which rail traffic in 2010 still lags behind in, although intermodal traffic is only down by about 1.1 percent from then.

For commodity traffic, metallic ores are leading the group over 2009 during the same week, with gains of 172.2 percent; metals and metal products are next with 75.4 percent; followed by vehicles and equipment, which increased in shipping by rail by 55.2 percent.

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