Thursday, July 29, 2010

Incoming BP (NYSE:BP) CEO Bob Dudley Says Company Will "Make this Right"

In an interview Wednesday, incoming BP (NYSE:BP) CEO Bob Dudley said he has been getting the impression from people that once the oil well is successfully capped, the company will pick up and leave the region.

He said that's far from the truth, and he and BP will "make this right in America."

"The only way you can build a reputation is not just by words, but by action," Dudley said. "I picked up that people think that, well, once we cap this well, we're somehow going to pack up and disappear. That is certainly not the case. We've got a lot of cleanup to do. We've got claims facilities. We've got 35 of those around the Gulf coast."

Dudley, who will take over as CEO from Tony Hayward on October 1, said the top priority of BP is to focus on and take care of the crisis surrounding the consequences of the Macondo oil well.

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Walt McNear said...

Dear Mr. Dudley, Please do not shut down that well at this time. The people of the Gulf need the revenue. I respectfully request that you pull back on one relief well, straighten up and drill in to the pocket. Giving one for BP and one for the people.
The wells must pay for themselves and help the people at the same time. Though I am against off shore drilling, common sense must prevail in this situation. I hope this reaches you in time.
Walt McNear