Saturday, July 3, 2010

Gulf Workers Under Attack from Radical Environmental Groups

Under the guise of conflict of interests, radical environmental groups, Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council and Defenders of Wildlife are attacking Judge Martin Feldman who ruled against the six-month moratorium on deepwater drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

They're attempting to paint Feldman as being impartial in the case because he had in the past had invested in oil companies, and the day before, had to sell stock in Exxon Mobil (NYSE:XOM) in order to preside in the case.

If nothing else, that proves more than anything that Feldman was very impartial, as Exxon Mobil is a highly desired and very profitable stock, and it will cost Feldman a lot of money in the long run by him selling his shares in the company.

These nutty environmentalists said his prior investments raise questions about his impartiality. Actually, no it doesn't! When he judged the case he owned no oil company stocks, and there are no legitimate questions at all. There is only these hucksters assertion it raises questions.

I wonder if someone in a government agency contacted these nuts and persuaded them to pursue them. Now that's a real question that is raised by their outrageous attack on this judge and the workers in the Gulf region who would be crushed if the moratorium continues.

Now if there was even an appearance of a conflict with the judge, he could have recused himself from the case, which these groups are attempting to get him to do. But unless owning stock in the past is considered an appearance, which is isn't, there is nothing there but smoke and mirrors which is being used to promote their radical agendas rather than put people first.

Legal experts say because Judge Feldman sold his stock in Exxon Mobil before he issued his ruling, he will be cleared of having to recuse himself.

If Judge Feldman refused to recuse himself, these groups could take the step of requesting the same from the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

Thousands of jobs and livelihoods are at stake here, as Hornbeck Offshore Services LLC revealed when they successfully challenged the moratorium.

To attack these people who are being economically crushed because environmental wackos don't like the decision of the court is outrageous at least, and borderline criminal in using these tactics in order to stall the judges' order.

That's part of what this is all about, using the court system in order to push the moratorium out even when it has been ruled against.

If this continues, along with the stalling tactics of the Democrats and the Obama administration, thousands of people in the Gulf will continue to suffer, and long-term could lose thousands of permanent jobs as the oil rigs leave the area, which is the real agenda of these so-called environmental groups, which are in realty people-haters, as their actions prove.

If by the slight chance these environmental groups win, then the people of the Gulf should sue them into oblivion, and then they can live off the donations these political groups get from misguided and ill-informed people.

From their actions you can see what these radical groups are, and hopefully those reading this will quit sending money to them in light of their horrid actions against the people suffering in the Gulf states.


Anonymous said...

Just what do these people do for a living or are they all living off the taxpayers?

Anonymous said...

My husband works in the Gulf, and pays about 35% of his wages in taxes. So NO, we're not living off of taxpayers...we ARE taxpayers. But if offshore drilling stops, millions will be out of work. Then we WILL be living off your a**.