Thursday, July 15, 2010

Goldman (NYSE:GS) Raises Base Metal Forecasts for All Except Zinc

Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) increased its 12-month estimates for all base metals except zinc.

Zinc was dropped to $2,225 a metric ton, a plunge of 18 percent, because of demand falling in China and Europe. China especially has a robust domestic zinc industry, and that will keep them supplied longer than originally expected by Goldman.

Goldman maintained their preference for copper, continuing to say it's their favorite metal for the long term, based on declining inventory and what they believe will be a lower supply deficit throughout the next couple of years. They see copper prices rising to $8,050 a ton, a gain of 1.4 percent.

Nickel looks really good to the financial giant, as they see it surging to about $20,00 a ton, an amazing 167 percent gain if it happens. Nickel is primarily used in stainless steel to stop corrosion, and demand largely comes from property construction, so that will be a challenge in my mind to even come close to the gains they're talking about.

Aluminum price estimates were modest, with expectations they could rise to $2,225 a ton, a 2.5 percent increase.

Silver estimates for the next twelve months were to grow by 1.3 percent, to $22.60 an ounce, mostly on their belief gold will continue to rise, looking at $1,355 an ounce there.

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