Thursday, July 1, 2010

Democrat Max Baucus Investigating Transocean (NYSE:RIG) Tax Practices

Democrat Max Baucus is playing the fool and wasting the taxpayers' time and money by allegedly launching an investigation into the tax practices of Transocean (NYSE:RIG).

This disgraceful action for someone who is abusing his place as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee should result in his ouster, as all he is whining about is the fact that Transocean moved their headquarters to Switzerland a couple of years ago in order to save on taxes.

Is this tyrant next going to go after all Americans who use tax breaks and legal loopholes in order to keep their hard-earning money, rather than have the government redistribute it? If anything is criminal it's the way politicians in America, especially Democrats, have spent away our children's' futures by running up deficits so high it's impossible to fathom by the sheer weight of the numbers, and which will be impossible to ever pay back.

Baucus outright lied when he said this, "...there are questions regarding the oil company's tax practices...."

Here's Baucus' tortured reasoning behind his false assertion: "Hardworking Americans pull their own weight by paying the taxes they owe every day and American companies must do the same."

In other words, Transocean is paying their taxes, and it bothers Baucus that they sought to lower their taxes by moving away from the outrageous taxes required in America. That's what he considers questionable tax practices.

Sounds as American as apple pie to me to do everything we legally can to lower our taxes.

While some reports stated Baucus hadn't accused Transocean of any wrongdoing, that's exactly what he did in his statement about Americans paying their taxes, as mentioned above.

He said that Americans must pay the taxes they owe, and American companies must do the same. If that's not saying Transocean isn't paying their taxes, then what is he saying. He obviously did say it, and by extension accused them or wrongdoing without any proof and before any investigation.

This is a draconian action, and an outrage and outright attack against a company that owns the Deepwater Horizon oil rig, which is the one that exploded and which BP leased from them.

With so many important things going on in America, to have this clown waste taxpayer dollars in order to chase after bogus and dubious tax aversion claims should be enough to have all who area able to to vote him out of office ASAP.

All this because he thinks he can gain political capital out of it. It's going to backfire, and hopefully with a permanent removal from office by his constituents who deserve better from their lawmakers.

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