Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CF Industries (NYSE:CF) Earnings Report Preview

Analysts covering CF Industries (NYSE:CF) are looking for a strong quarter, with earnings expected to increase to $2.94 on revenue of $1.2 billion.

Last quarter, the company recording earnings of $2.41, far surpassing estimates of $1.42. Last year during the same quarter CF has revenue of $991 million.

For the year CF is expected to generate earnings of $6.9 a share, in comparison with $4.56 a share last year during the same period.

CF has been skyrocketing in share price since July first, when they were at $65.49 a share. Monday they closed at $77.90 a share, after starting the day over $80 a share.

The earnings report is scheduled for 10:00 AM EDT on August 6.

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