Friday, July 23, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Vessels to Evacuate Area Later Friday

Tropical storm Bonnie has hit the south of Miami in Florida, with winds topping off at about 40 miles an hour. It is headed in the direction of the BP (NYSE:BP) cleanup zone, where it is possible they'll have to evacuate most the drilling ships and other vessels from the area some time today.

Expectations are it'll hit the Marcondo oil well cleanup zone on Sunday.

According to government representative and former U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen, it'll probably leave the area without supervision for about two days at most. He said at a briefing with reporters, "If we have to evacuate the scene we're probably looking at a very limited window - probably 48 hours."

That is good news in general, as it was thought it could have been a two-week period rather than two-day period that tropical storm would affect the area.

During the time they're gone, no eyes will be able to see what is happening in reference to the containment cap, which has been given the go ahead to remain in place indefinitely by government officials.

Once Bonnie starts to travel across the Gulf, it is expected the warm waters will cause it to pick up wind speed. It is traveling at close to 18 miles an hour at this time.

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