Friday, July 30, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Setting Up Charitable Fund for Obama Moratorium Victims

BP (NYSE:BP) is doing a good thing by setting up a charitable fund for victims of the Gulf oil moratorium forced on the region by the Obama administration.

The fund will target those who aren't able to work because of the misguided moratorium from Obama; specifically oil rig workers.

A statement from the company said it "fulfills the commitment" BP made "as a gesture of good will for the people of the Gulf region."

While a decent gesture by BP, they shouldn't have had to waste this kind of money on victims of Obama. BP has enough on its financial plate in claims and liabilities that will tax them to the utmost. To basically be pressured into paying for the victims of Obama is outrageous, but it seems nobody cares because they think BP needs to be punished.

The problem is the precedent these types of actions set, and allowing an out of control government to be enabled to do whatever it wants, when it wants. This isn't what America is about, and I wish BP wouldn't have caved on this. Not because I want to see workers suffer, but to show the consequences of the misguided and draconian actions the Obama administration continues to do.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I feel so sorry for BP. That mean ole nasty OBAMA just pushed that poor foreign national corporation around. And all they were trying to do is provide jobs, they don't care about making money. Heaven forbid ANYONE think that BP was drilling to make money, and those communists that are spreading the lies that BP did anything wrong. I'll bet Obama had someone secretly land on the platform and start the fire. That's what I think. God bless all the foreign multinational corporates that come over here and give us jobs. We don't need to regulate them, let them do what they want just as long as we have jobs.