Tuesday, July 6, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) May Sell Assets in Venezuela, Vietnam and Colombia

To meet its goal of raising $10 billion through asset sales over the next 12 months, BP (NYSE:BP) has reportedly been looking at non-core oil fields in Venezuela, Vietnam and Colombia.

Also being considered, and possibly on the top of the list is Pan American Energy in Argentina, because that one sale would be close to meeting the goal in one deal, rather than with several deals.

Concerning the other three assets, David Hart, an analyst at Westhouse Securities Ltd. said this, “These assets aren’t ones that they’ve been focusing on as much as in other regions. Pan American stands out because they can get close to the amount they’re targeting with one asset.”

BP has said in the past concerning raising the $10 billion that they'll focus on selling assets without a lot of future production growth.

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