Wednesday, July 28, 2010

BP (NYSE:BP) Claims Payouts Reach Over $256 million

Claims paid by BP (NYSE:BP) for people or businesses who have lost income or profits since the oil spill has surpassed over a quarter of a billion dollars, standing at about $256 million so far.

Over the last week they've paid over $30 million, with a minimum of $60 million to cover payments for August to be sent this week as well.

Breaking it down, fisherman remain the highest compensated recipients of the claims, accounting for close to $39 million, shrimpers have received $23 million, and charter boat businesses another $6 million.

A large chunk of $117 million has went to a variety of ancillary businesses and individuals impacted by the accident. People working at processing seafood is one example of that, as well as those who may have worked in businesses and earning a living from the Gulf.

So far, approximately 133,000 claims have been filed against BP, with close to 83,000 checks written overall.

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